Tamadhoun – A village that was the capital of Manral Dynasty (sub dynasty of Katyuri kings) for more than 20 years.
The Katyuri dynasty was a branch of Kunindas origin and was founded by Vashudev Katyuri. Originally, from Joshimath, during their reign they dominated lands of varying extent from the ‘Katyur’ (modern day Baijnath) valley in Kumaon, between the 7th and 11th centuries AD, and established their capital, at Baijnath in Bageshwar district, which was then known asKartikeyapura and lies in the center of ‘Katyur’ valley. At their peak, the Katyuri kingdom extended from Nepal in the east to Kabul, Afghanistan in the west, before fragmenting into numerous principalities by the 12th century. Katyuri king Brahma Deo one of the most powerful king in this time and he rule successfully. He help Rajputana at fight against Aafgan in 700AD. After that he divided the ruling area for their sons. One of the youngest sons known as Manral. He ruled in almora District and most ruling area is (Salt) and Bhikhaysen and Choukot region. In this area Manral dominate and rule and maintain their importance in this area. Manral ruling at British age also they are brave family to rule. In this time they maintain their power and dignity. There main area was chaukhutiya and Choukot. There is a village name Tamadhoun in Choukot region, the one of the most family to dominate this area . They divided there work area are (Thokdar and Maalgujar).Youngest brother in family known as Thokdar and the Elder brother known as Maalgujar