Pawalgarh – a nature lover paradise

Pawalgarh is known worldwide “Bachelor of Pawalgarh” the biggest tiger ever bagged by famous  Jim Corbett. Jim corbett has written a lesson on bachelor of Pawalgarh in his book man eaters of Kumaun.There is one forest bungalow in the village where the Jims had stayed before killing the bachelor of Pawalgarh. Pawalgarh is known as an organic village. surrounded by the jungle all sides. A village near ramnagar  and in the  district Nainital Uttrakhand (Kumaun region) INDIA. Pawalgarh is a conservation reserve and comes in corbett landscape. this village is rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna, as well as its pristine scenic beauty. its a paradise for nature lovers and Bird watchers. the people of the area are mainly involved in agricultural farming,  forestry ,horticulture ,handicraft. many of its villagers are in armed forces or lives as retirees. this small village of Nainital district have pure air and a healthy environment. Beautiful  landscape. the whole pawalgarh area is  full of medicinal plants, species and herbs, many of which grow naturally around agricultural fields and are cultivated by the local farmers .you can come and learn about these medicinal plants.

Would you like to stay in the lap of nature?  Slowly you hear the sounds of different songbirds, you look out and see the sunlight filtering through the many fruit trees. Surely a blissful, calm and serene atmosphere,  one that is entirely different from your noisy and polluted city mornings. If you would like to wake up to such an enchanting morning, then you are welcome to our abode – Eco Harrymans Home stay at Pawalgarh; a small village nestled in Ramnagar, the land of gods (Uttrakhand). The cool and calm atmosphere, the distant water fall, the  mountains, the variety of fruit trees, birds like peacocks, parrots, pigeons and  munias , treepie and other are all sights and sounds that have become a rare phenomenon in city life. But this sleepy village still holds on to all these wonders of nature . This is “the place” for you to rest and rejuvenate your aching body and tired spirit.

This village Homestay is at Pawalgarh 18 km from Ramnagar which is main gate for Corbett National Park on Ramnagar Kotabagh road.

Your hosts Mr. Manral and Mrs. manral are known for their hospitality and consider it a privilege to share their residence with you. Mr Manral is delight for group of nature lovers, guidance for local sightseeing and jungle treks would be provided. He was part of agitation to declare Uttrakhand as separate state and has great knowledge of local social – political conditions.


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